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Since the advent of the fashion industry using lace has been there and always makes its presence felt. It has been here since time immemorial but the fading treasure is still visible in this modern era. Tracing its colorful history will bring us back to the times when king and queens once rule way back 2500 BC. Archaeologist has proven that ancient tombs unearthed in Egypt were found covered and adorned by this intricate craft work.

For those with a keen eye for lovely decorations with a touch of history and class, nothing else comes close to vintage laces. The antique lace eras date back to about 2500 BC, where laces were found adorning various tombs in ancient cities such as the City of Thebes in Egypt. Through out our history, laces become a family staple, if you will. The royals in Europe, brides, political and religious dignitaries and pretty much anybody who wanted to look beautiful yet debonaire at the same time wore laced clothing.